Solar Power for Your Commercial Property

Going green has never been better for your bottom line.

With federal and state tax credits, and 100% first-year bonus depreciation, there has never been a better time for corporations to turn to solar energy. 

Palmetto State Solar has a dedicated commercial division, that specializes in working with corporations to find all options available to them. 

Commercial Solar by the Numbers

The following example is an actual proposal prepared for a local business. Numbers will vary depending on utility, exposure to the sun, tax bracket etc. To get a customized proposal for your business, get in touch with us today

XYZ manufacturing invested $140,000 on a commercial rooftop solar system. It came with a 30% Federal Tax Credit and a 25% State Tax Credit (South Carolina only), making the net investment just $63,000. This is roughly equal to what they would have otherwise paid to their utility company over the next five years, had they not gone solar. On top of this, they saved over $41,000 in taxes over the follow six years through depreciation, thus making the the net investment less than $22,000. Roughly what they would have otherwise paid their utility company in under two years. Over the 25 year guaranteed life of the system, they will see a return of over $450,000 dollars. See below for the breakdown. More details here.


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